Segue invests in renewable energy power plants, energy storage projects, and the infrastructure that supports them. However, unlike the vast majority of capital providers in the market - who want shovel-ready or operating assets - we focus on the development stage. Why?

Today’s market is starved of this capital, and too many promising ideas/projects “die on the vine.”

We enjoy helping creative, hard-working, experienced developers turn their ideas into power plants; it’s stimulating and fulfilling for us, with each project being a fresh challenge to confront.

We believe that most of the value is added to these assets during the development stage; this has not always been the case, but the medium/long term penetration of renewable energy and storage depends mostly on getting the right assets “plugged-in” in the right places…and less on squeezing more blood from the stones of financing and construction.

Other capital providers in the space can not make “small” investments – huge pools of capital rely on scale; Segue is built to inject the right amount of capital, when it’s needed. We intentionally operate where others can not.

Underwriting early-stage risk is hard, and the capital providers in the sector – many of whom have migrated from adjacent industries - are still learning how to do it. Investing in assets with binary (fatal flaw) risk is tricky and subjective; it requires pattern recognition skills cultivated over many years of developing and investing in sustainable infrastructure. We are not “just passing through” – we’ve been here a long time and will be here for years to come.

Many developers struggle to optimally monetize their projects, and it pains us to watch the folks who truly created value left without much to show for it. The Segue team has monetized over 8 GW of renewable energy and storage assets to date and take pride in aligning themselves with local developers to maximize project value when it’s time to let go.